Monday, April 15, 2013

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday, it's miscellany time...

1. It has been over a week since I last blogged, I miss it so much, yet I am trying to be more intentional with my time, and also more scheduled, which includes making time for blogging :)

2. Molly participated in a local salons "Cuts For A Cause" and she donated 7 inches of her hair for "Wigs For Kids."  She was so excited and so happy with her new haircut.  Molly hammed it up the whole time, I mean the whole time!  All the stylists came over and watched her, and the news guy there filmed her getting it cut and then interviewed her and me after she got her haircut.  It was surreal.  I just wanted to go in, donate her hair, get a nice cut, and come home.  It felt like we were on a reality show or something.  Random people in the salon wanted to take Molly's picture, it was so bizarre to me!  Lucy could have cared less about the whole thing, ha! 


They straightened Molly's hair before they cut it.  Which worked out really well!  We were probably able to donate more that way.  And for those of you wondering about her curls, yes, she still has them!  That's the first question we get from a lot of people.  Her curls will never leave her, never.  We had such a great experience today, and hopefully can do it again next year!

3. One week from today I will be in Florida, hallelujah!  We got snow here yesterday!  So Florida will be a nice change of pace and weather for us!  Eric and I are going to the Exponential Conference in Orlando, anyone else going? 

4.  Last Saturday Molly had her first official sleep over.  It was our first time having someone sleep over, and the little girl who slept over, it was her first time sleeping over at someones house, too.  We made it!  I think I lost the most sleep checking on them all the time.  I was so nervous our little friend was going to wake up scared, but nope, they both slept like rocks!  Even Lucy had some fun!

5. I am a sucker for anything paper and pretty.  So when I saw this journal at Barnes and Noble, I knew I had to get it.  I actually needed a new one, so it was perfect timing.  The ironic thing is I struggle with having joy.  So hopefully seeing and writing in this journal I can be reminded to live joyfully.    

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CRAFT Package Pals- Reveal!

Do y'all follow the blog C.R.A.F.T?  She is great!  Her site is all about Creating Really Awesome Free, huh?  Well a couple times a year she does a package pals exchange.  It's like a pen pal but with craft supplies, super fun, huh?!  So I signed up and got in!  They only take the first 100 people.  Truthfully, I was on Facebook at the right time, which might be all the time, ha.  So I got in and got paired up with my new friend, PJ, over at Planned in Pencil.  She is awesome!  We have become email and blog buddies over the last month and it's been so much fun.

I will admit after looking at PJ's site I was instantly intimidated!  She is an actual craft blogger, and not a try-to-be like me!  She sews and creates, and is really good!  Check out her apron!

So I racked my brain and racked some more, then told myself to stop stressing over the package and have fun.  And have fun I did!  I loved putting her box together and trying to find the right things to fill it.

I am sure PJ had a hard time figuring out what to give me since I hardly craft!  Poor girl!  But she did an AMAZING job with my package!!  Amazing!  I am so excited :)

Here is what I got...

Do y'all see that fabric?  
It was wrapped so pretty then 2 curious little girls unwrapped it!

Some and yarn and hooks...I am determined to learn something with this!
 Do y'all see that felt, it's already cut and together for me to make little flowers!
PJ made the red flower sitting on top, and she sent me alligator clips to
put my new flowers pretty!!

And hello...she made me a PURSE!!

That PJ is so crafty and thoughtful!  I love it all!  Getting mail is fun, but getting paired up with an awesome package pal makes for a truly fantastic mail day!  Thanks PJ!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday, I am blogging and it's all sorts of miscellany!

1. Easter time!  We had great success with the Resurrection Eggs this year.  Usually I have the best of intentions and we start but never finish, or never even start, but this year we did all 12 eggs!  We did them after Lucy went to bed, after night 1 it was obvious this was still a Molly year...maybe next year Lucy May :)

The girls were spoiled and got 4 Easter baskets this year {3 from grandparents, 1 from mom/dad}.  My mom got these cute book bags for the girls.  They love that their names are on them, plus it helps with the whole "give it back to her" thing.   

2.  Molly's Spring Break started out with a trip to the doctor's...both girls have sinus infections.  I hate never knowing sinus/allergy/colds...ugh.  So we are all medicated up and I think they both are feeling better.  They took a little snooze on the way home from the pharmacy. 
3. Easter morning was fun...we hid Molly's and Lucy's Easter baskets, they had no clue.  I kept giving them clues and I was waiting for Molly to ask me how I knew where they were, but she never did.  I struggled with the basket thing this year.  I bought the girls matching pink Toms and that was about it.  We have been so busy I just didn't get to the store this past week.  So at the grocery store on Saturday I snuck some bubbles in the cart, then I found some workbooks I bought on the Dollar Spot a while ago to do this summer, and put those in their baskets.  I am not against Easter baskets, and honestly wish someone would send me one, ha!  But I just struggled with the whole having more toys/books/crap around that we don't need.   

4.  Happy Opening Weekend!  So you know our church bought an old Wal-Mart and renovated know a 6 month project that we did in 72 days, yea that one.  Well, as of late Saturday night we were set to go for Sunday morning.  Praise the Lord, because it was only God that made this happen.  I get choked up and teary just typing about our church.  I will write more tomorrow about it all and post pictures, but for today here is our "after Easter services" faces. 

5.  The weather was finally "warm" enough {40 degrees} to go play outside.  My kids are going stir crazy inside, and so am I!  Or I might just be going crazy!  While our ham baked yesterday we went to a new park and played! 

Poor Lucy could not figure out why this seat kept spinning in circles, it was so funny watching her!
Happy Monday, friends!!