Monday, April 15, 2013

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday, it's miscellany time...

1. It has been over a week since I last blogged, I miss it so much, yet I am trying to be more intentional with my time, and also more scheduled, which includes making time for blogging :)

2. Molly participated in a local salons "Cuts For A Cause" and she donated 7 inches of her hair for "Wigs For Kids."  She was so excited and so happy with her new haircut.  Molly hammed it up the whole time, I mean the whole time!  All the stylists came over and watched her, and the news guy there filmed her getting it cut and then interviewed her and me after she got her haircut.  It was surreal.  I just wanted to go in, donate her hair, get a nice cut, and come home.  It felt like we were on a reality show or something.  Random people in the salon wanted to take Molly's picture, it was so bizarre to me!  Lucy could have cared less about the whole thing, ha! 


They straightened Molly's hair before they cut it.  Which worked out really well!  We were probably able to donate more that way.  And for those of you wondering about her curls, yes, she still has them!  That's the first question we get from a lot of people.  Her curls will never leave her, never.  We had such a great experience today, and hopefully can do it again next year!

3. One week from today I will be in Florida, hallelujah!  We got snow here yesterday!  So Florida will be a nice change of pace and weather for us!  Eric and I are going to the Exponential Conference in Orlando, anyone else going? 

4.  Last Saturday Molly had her first official sleep over.  It was our first time having someone sleep over, and the little girl who slept over, it was her first time sleeping over at someones house, too.  We made it!  I think I lost the most sleep checking on them all the time.  I was so nervous our little friend was going to wake up scared, but nope, they both slept like rocks!  Even Lucy had some fun!

5. I am a sucker for anything paper and pretty.  So when I saw this journal at Barnes and Noble, I knew I had to get it.  I actually needed a new one, so it was perfect timing.  The ironic thing is I struggle with having joy.  So hopefully seeing and writing in this journal I can be reminded to live joyfully.    

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Zion said...

Ohhh, that is so sweet. I am glad they made a big deal about it. It is a big deal and she did a very brave and gracious thing. Lots of milestones!