Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fruits of Your Labor

This past Sunday we had a baptism celebration at church.  It was the first time having baptisms in our new building, and it was exciting.  We had 50 or so people signed up, and then another good amount decided right there on the spot to get baptized Sunday night.  I don't know the official number but it was over 70.  Amazing! 

I love watching baptisms, it takes me back to when I decided to get baptized and what I felt and thought oh so many years ago.  Watching people take their next step in their faith journey is just incredible and humbling.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I am able and allowed to be a tiny part in their journey. 

I knew most of the people on Sunday night who got baptized, some of them my family is very close to.  I tried taking some pictures but I had both girls with me, Eric was the one doing most of the baptisms, and then of course my camera battery died like 5 people in.  But I wanted to share the 2 pictures I did get.

This is Angela...
Angela and her family (her husband and 5 boys, yes 5!) have been coming to The Ridge for over 4 years.  Angela is very, very dear and near to my heart.  We are similar, yet so different, but we both share the same love for the local church and Jesus.  Angela hasn't had the easiest life, not at all.  But she has never given up on God, or praying everyday.  She inspires me with her attitude and strength.  She sets an awesome example for all her boys, and for those who are privileged to know her.  Angela and I have prayed together, laughed together, and cried together.  She is awesome, and I am so humbled I could be there to watch her get baptized.

This is Terri...  
Terri has also been coming to The Ridge for over 4 years and she is another amazing woman who we have gotten close to.  Terri has a granddaughter Molly's age, so naturally she is another grandma to Molly and Lucy, too.  Terri has a heart of gold and service.  Eric had the honor of performing Terri and her husband, Dave's, wedding.  It was sweet and simple and filled with love.  Terri just has these eyes that understand and arms that hug you with grace.  She just gets you.  Terri and Eric also went to the Dominican Republic together to serve at the feeding center our church built.  They will be forever bonded because of this experience together.  I am so happy that Eric was able to baptize Terri, and then he baptized her husband, Dave. 

Sometimes being a Christian is hard and feels defeating.  Sometimes I wonder why do I even try, and then I remember people like Angela and Terri, and the countless others, that's why I try, that's why Eric and I are committed to the church, and her people.  As easy as it would be to throw the towel in on some days, I am reminded that I would miss the other great days, and I would miss seeing the fruits of our labor and tasting the goodness that God has provided for us. 

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Terri said...

Kate, your sweet, kind words brought me to tears!
I'm so thankful for our friendship and love you all.