Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lucy is 2.5!

On Sunday Lucy turned 2.5 and I thought it would be fun to write about what she has been up to.

Lucy you are 2.5, and you are...

-As sassy as ever, but you are also so darn cute it's hard not to laugh at you.  You furrow your eyebrows real tight, purse your lips and get all sorts of seriousness, it's so cute.  Yet you mean business. 
-You like to tell people what to do, and how to do it...you get that from your dad, of course, ha!
-You love Molly, like love, love, love her.  Although right now you all can't stand each other, you both still love each other like only sisters could. 
-You are obsessed with Molly's old dance costume from 3 years ago.  You are constantly wanting to be a ballerina and wear this sparkly pink get up.  Any time we come home from somewhere we can find you quickly stripping down to be a ballerina.  You are obsessed!
-You are *almost potty trained...you are training yourself...poor second child.  With Molly we did a strict 3 day boot camp, and bam after day 1 she was trained.  With you, we are way more relaxed and less scheduled.  Truthfully, with everything else going on we just don't have the time to commit to really getting it done.  But right now you refuse to wear diapers and underwear, but you will wear a pull up.  And you have stayed dry in your pull up for over a week now.  You don't tell us you have to go, we just take you about every hour or so and you go.  Hopefully some day we can get you into some underwear and you will be all trained for real!
-You love to read books and if Molly is reading a book you are right there reading your own book.  You will not be outdone.
-You love to swing and don't give you a baby swing, you use the real deal.  You could swing for hours and hours. 
-You pretty much eat about anything we put in front of you but grilled cheese.  You love bread and you love cheese, just don't put those 2 things together.
-You love to color, paint, and play with sidewalk chalk.
-You also love to sing along with the songs in the car, you always tell me "make a joyful noise, make a joyful noise!"  Which is a song off a kids CD we listen to.  You know every single word.
-You love going to church and seeing your friends, I think you think they come every week just to see you.
-You sleep in a big girl bed now, that took some getting used to, but now you are okay with it.
-I thought your hair was going to be straight, but nope, you did not escape the curls.  I don't think you will be as curly as Molly, but you are pretty curly in the back.
-You are still pretty squishy for being 2.5 and you wear mostly 5's with some 6's thrown in there, too. 

Lucy, you truly have brought light into our lives when it seemed to be dark forever.  You are hilarious, fun, and cute.  Everyday is an adventure with you, and your daddy and I love it.  Each morning when you get up we never know what is going to come out of your mouth, and we fight over who gets to see you first!  Stay sweet little sassy one!

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