Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When God is Your Tour Guide

Lately the word overwhelmed has been thrown out a lot, from this blog, from conversations with friends, just about anywhere you go your hear someone expressing how overwhelmed they are, or you see it on their faces.  Sometimes we go through seasons where being overwhelmed is the norm, and other times we are in a season of contentment and ease.  I am sure you find yourself in one of those seasons right now. 

Earlier this week I read a post from a friend who is also on a church planting journey, her and her husband are planting in Washington DC.  We met them at assessment in June and have stayed in touch ever since.  She talked about how she could be overwhelmed with all that's going on, how when you see it on paper you would think it's never going to work out, but in the end it all has.  Her motto was "If God guides, he provides."  They left their current church with a burning desire to plant, they didn't know where or when, but they followed the call, much like Eric and I.  Staying in Wisconsin would have been the easy and safe bet.  We love The Ridge, we have a study income, we loved our neighborhood and school.  I am sure God would have continued to bless us if we chose to stay.  But instead we are giving up the "easy life" and following the call God has burned into our hearts.  On paper our life is a mess, at 2am when I think about fundraising and my kids, my life is a mess.  But that's the great thing about God and his callings, they don't always make sense, they don't always work out on paper. 

If they did we would have no testimony to tell, and truthfully, our need for God would be non-existent.  God's timing is perfect and sometimes the greatest stories come out of the waiting period.  I can't wait to share with you all what we have learned or what we saw God orchestrate on behalf our church plant. 

So right now I do feel overwhelmed, but I also feel equally blessed.  We have amazing friends letting us live with them for free, we have a church that is supportive of us, we have family waiting to welcome us back to Ohio, we have awesome friends that sit and listen to us flush out ideas and thoughts, and on top of all of that we have a God who has called us to step out in faith, to step out and do something scary, yet we know we are falling right into his safety net, because "Where God guides, he provides."

Where is he guiding you today? 

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