Saturday, October 12, 2013

Living In Grace {Day 12}

Day 12

Today living in grace meant I went back in the girls' bedroom long after bedtime and kissed them goodnight one more time.  Today was a fun, busy, and long day, so I was counting the hours and minutes until bedtime tonight.  

Then after I sat down after bedtime I ran through all my mom fails for the day.  I yelled instead of talking nicely, I assumed instead of understood, and I had to look Molly in the eyes after she asked me "why are you so mean?"  I had no good answer to that, I was just having a mean moment.  

I felt overwhelmed and like a big loser.  Then I extended myself some grace and vowed to start fresh tomorrow.  

I am sure I will fail greatly again tomorrow, but hopefully I will be able to recover quickly and start again.  

I am beyond thankful that God has allowed me to care for Molly and Lucy and I want to do the best I can, but my best sometimes isn't always stellar.  So with lots of God's help and grace, hopefully I will raise some pretty stellar girls!  

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Zion said...

I'm glad you can be real about this because having little kids is hard. They are cute and I cherish these days, but it's so exhausting and so hard sometimes.