Monday, October 14, 2013

Living In Grace {Day 14}

Day 14

Expectations...sometimes this word can mean great and wonderful things, other times it means disappointment, and hurt feelings.  I usually experience the latter.

I admit, I have high expectations for a lot of things in life.  When starting out on a new adventure, I try to give myself a pep talk, "now don't expect too much."  "You need to go into this expecting nothing."  I try, I really try, but I still have expectations of not having expectations.

Don't get me wrong, I think having healthy expectations is a great thing.  I have expectations of how my girls will act in public.  I have expectations on how they treat other people, and I expect them to use their manners at all times.  Now, are these expectations always met?  Heck no they are not.  Usually the reason is because there was a break down in communication, I either didn't express my expectations to them before we entered a situation, or I was not clear enough on what would happen if they didn't use their manners.  And sometimes despite doing both of those things, I have to remember they are kids, they are not perfect, and they still need grace.

I have trouble extending grace when my expectations are not met.    

It's sad, but true, basically when I don't get my own way I throw a temper tantrum and pout.  My tantrum might not be visible to you, but internally I am kicking and screaming.  But the thing is most of my unmet expectations come from not verbalizing my expectations.  

For instance, when Eric and I go on a date, I mentally think of all the errands I would love to run without the kids, or I think about going to the mall to try on clothes without having a toddler crawl under all the dressing room doors.  But 9 times out of 10 I don't say any of that to Eric.  I assume he knows I would love to do that.  Let me give you all a clue here, most guys don't just know that, most guys can not read your mind.  Shocking, right?!  Yet, I still act as if he can read my mind.  So we'll go on with our date and I don't get to do any of those fabulous things I just listed, and then I pout.  I ask myself, how could he not know I wanted to get a red dress like I have been talking about, how could he not know I wanted to get new running shoes.  Well, he didn't know, and/or I didn't tell him what I wanted.

Same goes for my friends, my kids, my parents, my {fill in the blank}.

Whether my expectations are met or unmet, I still need to extend grace and I still need to live in the grace that God extends to me.          

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Zion said...

That's a good word and I am right there with you. Our kids and husbands sound a lot alike!