Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Living In Grace {Day 2}

Day 2

Why grace?  Why on earth would did I choose grace to write about for 31 days?  Good question, and I wish I knew the answer to it.  Here is what I do know, I struggle with grace.  From the depths of my soul, to my achy bones, I struggle with grace.  I said yesterday I am a rule follower, and honestly I think that could have something to do with the struggle.  I follow the rules, why can't you?  I often think that, or try and process that when something happens, and I want to scream "what did you think was going to happen?!"  Not very graceful, right? 

Grace appears 170 some times in the Bible, clearly, it means a lot to God.  The more I ponder and study the word grace, the more I realize it is synonymous with so many other words.  I feel like grace can be interchangeable with forgiveness, mercy, love, understanding, kindness...just to name a few.

Maybe grace doesn't mean anything, maybe it's more the act of doing something.  The act of being filled with grace, the act of showing mercy, acting in kindness, acting with empathy.

Whether grace has an elaborate definition or it just means doing something you normally wouldn't, I still struggle.  Remember the olden days of the early 90's, when your church was doing a faith rally, they would break out the thermometer and color it in red when they reached a new dollar amount.  I feel like my grace is a thermometer, some days I am rolling in with new pledges, I am all red, I am breaking the top off with my graceful thoughts and acts.  Other days I am not red at all, I am actually negative, I owe people money/grace, I am in the black.

The great thing about grace is it doesn't cost money, I never have to pay for it, I owe no one a dime.  Grace was shown and given to me on a cross 2000 years ago.  I didn't earn it by following the rules, I didn't do anything super special to receive it, but it was still given to me, freely.  God doesn't owe me a thing, but he gave me everything.  And that's why living in grace is so important to him.          

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Zion said...

I'm right there with you. For the most part I am an ultra conservative rule follower and those boundaries help me feel safe, so I struggle with the giving end of grace sometimes. By the way, I totally know what thermometer you are talking about, ha ha. My daughter's school still has one because they are non profit and have to raise a ton of money!