Sunday, October 20, 2013

Living In Grace {Day 20}

Day 20

Today I am thankful that God's grace is made perfect in my weakness.  For some reason since leaving our ministry Sunday nights have been really hard for me.  Six months ago a Sunday night would consist of relaxing and talking about what God did at church, and preparing for the week ahead. 

Now Sunday night consists of none of that.  Sure I have the prep for the week, but it's not the same.  I feel like I prep for another week of mundane life, I prep for trying to put on a happy face for my girls even though our situation is not ideal.  I prep to not get my hopes up and to keep trusting God no matter what.  

So on Sunday nights I look to God's grace to cover me and my weaknesses, I try to lavish in his unending grace to cover me all week.  Living in grace means I know God will strengthen me from Sunday night through the next Sunday night.  

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