Friday, October 25, 2013

Living In Grace {Day 24}

Day 24

Lament {verb}- to express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something
to mourn aloud
to regret strongly 

I lament a lot, a lot.  In human terms I would probably be classified as a whiner or a complainer.  Thankfully the Bible has a term for people like me, lamenter.  I still whine and complain, I just do it spiritually.  

Right now in this season of life I lament a lot.  I often find myself lamenting when I am on my bedroom floor reduced to a pile of tears, or out for a run.  Following God can be really hard, it can be challenging, confusing, and down right frustrating.  Even though you know it's all for good, for a greater purpose, a greater reason, it's still hard.  It's hard when a lot of people look at you like you are crazy, and they almost feel bad for you.  It's hard to explain to people "yes, we did have a job, no we don't have a job now, yes, yes it is very difficult now."  

Here's the good news, actually the great news, God loves our laments.  He already knows our hearts, he already knows we are frustrated, but he wants us to tell him about it.  Part of experiencing God is having a relationship with him, and a large part of that relationship is communication.  God loves it when we talk to him, pray to him, share with him, and just plain old communicate with him.  

Through lamenting to God I can supernaturally feel his grace in me.  In situations I shouldn't feel calm or peaceful, I do.  During times of utter frustration and head banging against the wall, I can laugh and find joy.  Please hear me, during my lamenting, I also praise God for allowing me to walk through this dreary winter season I am in now.  Because after the winter always comes the spring and the summer seasons, and I know my seasons are going to be down right gorgeous and redemptive.  

Whatever season you are in now I encourage you to lament to God.  It may not produce instant relief or instant results, but that's not the purpose.  God loves hearing what is on your mind, and he loves even more allowing you to bask in the beautiful, glorious grace that lamenting produces.    


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