Thursday, October 3, 2013

Living In Grace {Day 3}

 Day 3

When I first felt led to write and explore more about grace I was tempted to check every book out from the library on the topic.  And you would be happy to know that I fell into temptation and did just that.  I got every single book that has the word grace in it.  I was going to study up and really know my stuff before I began this journey.  Well, a little thing called life happened and I did not read one single book I checked out. 

I took them all back but one, I kept "The Grace of God" by Andy Stanley.  I am reading it while going through this discovery process.  I haven't gotten very far into it, shocking, right :)

So I am now past the introduction, and onto the first chapter.  But in the intro a quote hit me smack between the eyes and has stuck with me ever since. 

I wanted to share this quote with you all today.  Chew on this for a while, really mull it over, read it again and pray.  Ya'll, we really need to pray about choosing grace on a daily basis.  Choosing grace means accepting it and extending it even when it is not deserved.

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Zion said...

I remember you saying "I love the library and they love me (late fees)" I think of that whenever I have late books, often times unread late books.