Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A BIG {fat} Update!

First let me apologize to my our house fat is a bad word, but I felt like it was appropriate for this post :)

So as you can see after my 31 days of writing I apparently went into hibernation.  Definitely not intended, but I have been busy, like really busy.  Good busy, and that makes me feel happy!

I will try and catch you all up...

-October brought the 31 days of Grace series, but it also brought the end of soccer season, pumpkin painting, homeschooling, art class, tennis lessons, library trips, trick-or-treating, Molly running in her first race, serving {volunteering}at a new church, and much more!

-November has brought packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, a trip to Nashville for me, a trip back to Milwaukee for all of us, finishing up homeschooling, enrolling Molly in public school, and getting ready to head to Rochester for Thanksgiving.

It doesn't feel like a lot to type all of that but it's kept us busy.

Molly loved playing soccer here in Ohio, and she had a great time getting to know the girls on her team.  Molly has also loved going to art lessons, she has made and created some amazing pieces of work.  I am blown away each week she brings something home.  Instead of carving pumpkins, the girls and I painted pumpkins.  They last longer and we don't have to worry about messy guts, seeds, and sharp knives.  The day looked nice and it was sunny out, but man oh man it was windy.  The poor kids were freezing while painting and the newspapers kept blowing up on the wet pumpkins.  But it was still fun, and the girls enjoyed it.    

We have still loved going to the library each week, Molly is enjoying reading chapter books, and Lucy loves playing in their little puppet house.  I took the girls to an old farm here in town and they learned all about apples and corn.  They loved it!

Molly was taking tennis lessons at the YMCA and she loved it.  Those ended, and now she is taking lessons with the Junior Tennis League of America {or something like that!}.  She is on a team with other kids her age, and she has a coach that focuses just on her.  She LOVES it!  Plus, she has a little shirt with her team name "Alley Cats" on it that she wears for her lessons.

Another big highlight is Molly starting school.  A lot of people have asked, "does this mean you are staying in Findlay?"  "Are you not moving?"  We aren't sure, and we aren't sure, how about that, ha.  Molly was not a fan of homeschooling, and didn't really enjoy it, and has begged to go to "real school."  Homeschooling was temporary, we knew that, and tried to do the best we could.  It really came down to what Molly wanted to do, within reason.  We are not sure what our plans are right now, so we figured for as long as we are here, we would enroll her in school.  Molly knows she could be at this school for a month, or until the end of  May.  And she is totally okay with that.

Molly has missed being around other kids, and having those relationships.  We thought having her involved in sports, art, and church was enough, and really it wasn't.  She needs those day to day interactions, and she looks forward to seeing other kids.  Plus, Molly has a need to please, and it gets hard just pleasing your homeschool teacher, so allowing her to follow the rules, and make others happy, in return makes Molly happy.  And that makes me happy!

Molly started school on Monday (11/18) and she has loved every single day so far.  Her teacher is so nice, and really caring.  I am so impressed with the school so far, you know 3 days in, ha!  And I attended my first PTO meeting last night.  I am excited to get involved volunteering and helping out anywhere that I am needed, no matter how long we are here.

Now to the burning question in everyone's planting.  I honestly have nothing new to report on that.  Which I know most of you are thinking, "really, what on earth have you been doing the last 2 months?!"  I often think the same thing.  Eric has been very diligent in meeting with people, pastors, churches, anyone who will listen.  And, and this is a very big and...God has opened a new door for us since moving back.  A door we had no clue about, and didn't even know was an option when deciding to move back.

How about that for a vague update.  So I guess you could say church planting is on hold right now while we are working through this other open door.  The "catch" is neither door- church planting or this other opportunity are moving fast.  So prayers for wisdom and lots of patience would be awesome.

Since moving back to Ohio we have grown a lot, we have questioned a lot, worked through a lot of feelings, have had fun, and have just tried to enjoy this journey God has put us on.  Each day is new and different, some days are "easy" and some days are incredibly difficult.  I know we will one day look back and be thankful for this new adventure.  Today is definitely not that day, but some day will be.      





Zion said...

I have some vague updates of my own so I understand. And same goes with homeschooling with me. I love the idea of it, but my son is just like Molly. He NEEDS to be around kids his age, A LOT! Glad to hear that things are going well for you guys in this season.

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