Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lucy Is 3!

On Monday we celebrated Lucy turning 3!  I have to admit I am having a hard time with Lucy getting older.  With Molly it just seemed to make sense, but Lucy being my baby, I don't really like it.

Lucy, you are 3, here is what you are up to...
-You weigh 42 pounds, and are 3 feet 2 inches tall
-You refuse to have anything done to your hair.  You don't like it in a ponytail, or a cute bow clipped in it.  It's down past your shoulders, and you have grown some pretty lovely curls. 
-You are the absolute definition of sweet and sassy.
-In a group of kids, you tend to be bossy, and if someone does not like your suggestion, you are none to pleased with them, and you will let them know about it.
-You would rather wear dress up clothes or a leotard and tutu than regular old clothes any day.  As I type this you are strutting around in a pink leotard. 
-You love Molly, you say she is your best big sister friend, and you miss her while she is at school. 
-You are a pretty creative kid and you have a wild imagination.  You are constantly playing something or making up a song and dance. 
-You really like water coloring and playing with play dough.
-You don't walk anywhere, you run, or skip.
-You are super opinionated, so much so, I am fearful of what will come out of your mouth in public. 
-We always say Molly is our sweet and caring child, and you are well, not so much.  You are caring in your own tough love way. 
-If looks could kill, we would be dead on a daily basis with you, sweet child.
-You have an obsession with my pimples...which by the way, I only got after birthing you! 
-You are a free spirit!
-We often hear you saying these phrases: I am just a little bit nervous, that's tricky, I have a question, actually, that's awesome, no way, it's private, and get outta here. 
-You claim you have lose teeth, you don't, but you need to get up at night to tell us that!

 We have been on the go since you came along, there is never a dull moment with you, Lucy May!  We love you, and you are the perfect fit in our family!

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Unknown said...

She reminds me so much of Addi down to the missing tooth bit. So funny!