Friday, February 21, 2014

Thoughts On Turning 30

On Wednesday I turned 30.  I remember as a little kid 30 seemed ancient, like close to elderly ancient.  Plus back in the day any year in the 2000's seemed like Jesus would come back before we hit any of them. 

I have to admit, turning 30 really didn't bother me.  I didn't dread the day, I didn't cry, I didn't hide under the covers, I got up at the beckon call of Miss Lucy and was served a wonderful lemon poppy seed muffin by Eric.  I took it as any other day.

I do feel like 30 carries a little more weight with it.  30 sounds better than 20, and you feel like people take you a little more seriously because you are 30, and of course 30 year olds are way more mature, of course.  Even if you aren't more mature at 30 then 25, people just assume you are.  You have more life experience and that counts for something.

I feel like my 30's will be great.  I base a lot of that thinking off my kids, I look what they will achieve over the next 10 years.  Molly will be driving in the next 10 years, holy crap.  I get excited about accomplishments, milestones, etc, that my kids will reach, and that Eric and I will reach.  Over the next 10 years Eric and I will celebrate wedding anniversary 10, and 15, and we will be really close to 20, yikes!

I also feel like 30 is a time to thrive, and just be comfortable in my own skin.  Something that maybe in my 20's I was a little uncomfortable with.  At 30 who cares, right?!

I am really looking forward to experiencing and embracing my 30's and all that they have to offer me and all that I do to make them better. 

When I hit a big milestone I think of my brother, and the fact that he didn't get to hit very many of them.  He died at 22, he never graduated college, got married, had kids, had a first real job, and the list goes on and on.  But in his 22 years he impacted and reached so many people.  Andy made a difference, a huge one.  So honestly, every day we have is a gift.  It doesn't matter how old or young you are, you can make a difference, you can make an impact.  My brother didn't have a lot, he was a broke college kid, but he had kindness.  At his funeral we had people lining up to tell us stories of his kindness, what his generosity meant to them, how he helped them, how he listened to them without judgement, and basically what an awesome guy he truly was.

I want that, I want to be like my brother.  I guess even at 30, I am still striving to be just like my big brother, Andy.

So here's to 30 and all it's greatness...

"The powerful play goes on, 
and you may contribute a verse."
Walt Whitman

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Zion said...

I'm a year ahead of you. I never thought of it in terms of what my children would be doing when I am in my 30's. EEK! You really have a great perspective about all of it. Happy birthday.