Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Goals

As much I wanted to start writing again I feel lost.  I start and think that's way too boring, or nope, not really going anywhere.  So as I reading some of my favorite bloggers and their recent posts I came across of my favorite blogging friends, Erin @ Home With The Boys and saw she was talking about goals.  And since I have pretty much blown all of my goals I set in January, I figured I would click over and read what she wrote about her March goals.

Goal setting is huge in being successful.  Whether you want to lose 5 pounds, learn a new skill, become more organized, you need a plan.  And most importantly you need to tell other people your plan.  When I decided I wanted to train for a half marathon I told everyone I knew.  Trust me, I got lots of looks and lots of smiles that deep down inside made me think I couldn't do it.  I printed off my training guide, hung it on my fridge and went day by day.  Anyone that came over could see my plan and see my goal was to run a half marathon.

I am not hugely successful in setting goals and keeping them.  I have the best of intentions, but follow through has always been hard for me.  I am good at making to-do lists, and keeping my calendar up to date with our schedules and appointments.  But big things like goals and breaking my routine, it's hard.

So I figured if I can make my to-do lists and stick with those, then making smaller goals, or more achievable goals might be easier.  I am so glad I had a free moment to read Erin's post about setting small goals that you can achieve each month.  But more importantly than setting the goal is giving yourself grace if you do not reach or meet that goal.  Life is busy, you are not always going to hit a home run, but at least you always step up to the plate and swing.

March Goals

1. Teaching Licensure Program Enrollment- I am half way there!  I just need one more transcript to show up, and then I can sign up for classes on March 16.

2. Financial Aid- Meet with a financial aid counselor...apply for grants, scholarships, befriend rich people :)

3. Run 50 miles this month- that doesn't seem like a lot, but for me right now in my season of life, it is.  Subbing 3 days a week, and being a mom/pastor's wife...time eludes me and when I do have time I am trying to not fall asleep.  I have been taking classes at the Y that I love, but I need to get some pavement pounding cardio back in my life.  I need it, and I miss it.

4. Have 2 new couples/families over for dinner- Eric and I all the time tell people we meet, "Hey we should have you over!"  Then we never do.  We want to, we really do, but it's hard when it's not already built in your calendar.

5. Meal Plan- I have actually been doing decent at this, but I want to keep it up.  It makes the week go so much smoother when we don't waste time standing in front of the fridge asking what's for dinner.

6. Date my kids- I usually take Molly and Lucy with me everywhere.  But we are running errands, or going to the Y, or going to something for them.  I want to actually take them out one on one and do something special with them.  Lucy has the benefit of being with me more since Molly is in school, but she would love to do something special away from the house.

7. Catch up on my Bible reading plan- I was dumb and picked a big plan to participate in during Lent, and man oh man, I am so behind!  So I want to catch up and finish the plan.

Well, I think 7 is enough right now since I am not super used to sticking with anything!  I look forward to reporting back in April to let you all know how I did.  And feel free to join in and let me know if you made any March goals!

 I’m linking up with Hayley at The Tiny Twig for her monthly Goals with Grace post! Check it out to be inspired and share your own goals! 


Jennifer said...

These all sound fabulous and absolutely attainable! You can do it!

And as for 50 miles...that IS a lot...I don't care who you are! ;-)

Zion said...

I think goals list are perfect for blogs because you know your list is online and you can 1. access anytime you have the internet available, and 2. you have some accountability because you it's out there for the world to see :) I usually accomplish more that way, but even if I don't get everything done I feel good about what I did. I am sure you'll see some success!